Lychee Thai Iced Tea

Summer is finally in full swing and we’ve come up with a Lychee Thai Iced Tea recipe to keep you cool all summer long! Lychee is one of our favorite tropical fruits, it’s a refreshing and juicy treat for a hot day in the sun.

1 Wang Derm Thai Iced Tea Brew: with Filter or Individual Tea Bags
1 Can of Chaokoh Lychee in SyrupPhoto3Edited

*this recipe is in proportion to a 1 liter pitcher

Photo1Edited– Brew tea in a pot of boiling water for 3-5 minutes. If using the filter, add 4-6 tablespoons. If using the tea bags, add 6 tea bags. Let the tea steep until it turns deep orange.
– Store in a container and let it cool. Set aside and refrigerate overnight.

– Open the can of Chaokoh Lychee in Syrup, strain the lychee and save the syrup which will be your main sweetener.
– Place lychees on a plate or tray and freeze overnight.
– Set syrup aside and refrigerate overnight as well.
– Add frozen lychee and ice cubes in the pitcher followed by the tea and syrup.

Stir, sweeten to taste, and enjoy!



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