Fruity Feature: Thai Bananas

Widely eaten as a snack and sold by street vendors across the country, this variety of banana is called ” Gluey Nam-waa”, known for its sweet taste and sticky texture. They’re chubby, starchy and super sweet! These bananas are eaten when very ripe and brown.

Dark spots are a normal sign that these types of bananas are ripe and ready to eat
To make sure our bananas didn’t ripen too quickly, we separated them from the stem and stored them in the refrigerator

Among the myriad of unique and delicious Thai specialties incorporating bananas, one of the mot popular is the the traditional Grilled Banana Dessert. Wang Derm Brand Grilled Banana Dessert is made from only the highest quality of fruits available. Harvested just before the peak of ripeness, the fruits are peeled, grilled and immediately packed for freshness. Serve as a snack or dessert and enjoy with or without the accompanying palm syrup – great for adults and kids alike.

We guarantee these will tantalize your taste buds! Pick up some of these chubby buddies at your local asian super market. They are seasonal and will only be around during the summer!

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