Fruity Feature: the Rambutan

Rabutans are a favorite desert in the blistering heat of Thailand. Native to Southeast Asia, this tropical Asian fruit is often confused for lychee or longan.
Hairy Hairy

Like its close cousins, this happy hairy fruit has a white gelatinous flesh, a large seed in the center, and it grows on trees. It is relatively the size of a golf ball with a sweet, aromatic, and juicy taste. 


If you are wondering where to purchase here in the United States, you can purchase them at any Asian grocery store and fresh market when they are in season or purchase them canned in syrup, like our Aroy-D Rambutan in Syrup. In Thailand, it is usually eaten fresh or with simple syrup and ice.

If you see this hairy fruit, please give it a try! We promise you won’t be disappointed!

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